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Lufthansa Q&A Freiwilligenprogramm Kabine

Die Risiken: Aufhebungsvertrag, Sperrzeit, Ruhen, Abfindungssteuer

Hier erhalten Sie Informationen über das 'Q&A Freiwilligenprogramm Kabine' der Deutschen Lufthansa AG. Wir stellen die Möglichkeiten für einen Aufhebungsvertrag gegen Abfindung dar und erklären die Bedeutung der Kündigungsfrist. Sie erhalten wichtigen Informationen über die Sperrzeit und das Ruhen des Arbeitslosengeldanspruchs sowie die Versteuerung der Abfindung.

Informationen über das Lufthansa
Q&A Freiwilligenprogramm Kabine

Lufthansa's Voluntary Termination Program - Risks and implications

Lufthansa offers cabin crew staff under the age of 55 to terminate their employment by mutual termination agreements with or without holding the individual notice period. Such termination agreements (Aufhebungsvertrag) may result in sever implications concerning your right of unemployment benefits, your health insurance, and to taxation.

Information about Lufthansa's
Voluntary Termination Program

Attorneys-at-Law and Specialised Lawyers for EMPLOYMENT LAW

Christian Weber and Raphael Daum, specialised lawyers for employment law in Frankfurt, Mannheim, Karlsruhe

Attorneys-at-Law and Specialised Lawyer for Employment Law in Frankfurt, Mannheim, Karlsruhe, Germany

Specialised Lawyers

Our law office is specialised in providing support and advice as well as litigations in all fields of Labour and Employment Law.

If you have any problems with your employer or about claims out of your employment contract, we will gladly support you.

If you have received a Notice of Termination (Kündigung) please see the important information below!

Our Clients

Our main focus is on employees (Arbeitnehmer) of all kind, including officers, executives and key employees.

Besides we are experienced in the support and advice of mid-sized companies as well as works councils.

Area of Activity

The regional area in which we are working covers the cities and regions: Darmstadt, Frankfurt (Main), Heidelberg, Kaiserslautern, Karlsruhe, Ludwigshafen (Rhein), Mainz, Mannheim, Neustadt (Weinstraße), Offenbach (Main), Speyer, Weinheim, Wiesbaden

We are admitted to all German Labour Courts* (Arbeitsgericht, Landesarbeits-gericht, Bundesarbeitsgericht).

*) Also known as: Industrial Court, Labor Court, Employment Tribunal

Important Information!

Termination / Notice / Dismissal (Kündigung)

The German law provides a high level of social protection for unlawful dismissal.
However, usually your rights have to be claimed within a short time limit.

If you have received a Notice of Termination (Letter of Dismissal, Kündigung) you should call for the advice of a qualified lawyer as soon as possible.

Almost all complaints for unlawfull/wrongfull dismissal (Kündigungschutzklage) must be filled to the Labour Court within three weeks.
This time limit starts on the day after the day on which you have received the termination letter.

An Employee who is working in Frankfurt receives the letter of termination on Monday, March 2nd.
This is the notice day. The time limit (3 weeks) ends on Monday, March 23rd, at 24.00 hrs.

If this period fails the dismissal (Kündigung) becomes legally effective (unless it can be proven that plaintiff was not able
to respond in time for reasons which are easy to comprehend).

Even if you do not want to bring an action to court you should ask for the advice of a qualified lawyer immediately:
Once the 3-weeks-time limit is over even "friendly" negotiations or bargaining with your employer will probably be in vain.

Rights and benefits

How to keep your rights in case of termination

Closely related to the termination of your employment contract are questions like:

  • Does the notice of termination meet the relevant termination period (cancellation period, notice period, term of notice)?
  • Is it possible to keep the company car, mobile phone, or laptop (etc) until the end of the termination period?
  • Is it rightful to be released from work (Freistellung), do you keep your salary?
  • What about your holiday entitlement?
  • What about overtime and overtime payment?
  • How to keep you right to bonus or gratification payment and variable remuneration?
  • What will happen with your company pension fund?
  • How to claim a favourable employment's reference?

Unemployment benefits

Even if you do not accept the dismissal you should register as seeking employment (Arbeitssuchend-Meldung) within three working days after receiving the letter of dismissal (or, if the termination period is more than three months, at least three months before the end of termination period) at the Bundesarbeitsagentur.

Please note that there can be a period of exclusion from benefits of one week if you do not – as explained above – register
as seeking employment with an Employment Agency.

*) Also known as: Industrial Court, Labor Court, Employment Tribunal

Main areas of activity

Expertise in Labour Law

We provide support and legal advice on labour and employment matters.

Main Focus:

  • Advice and Reviewing of employment contracts
  • Negotiating and Drafting of employments contracts
  • Claims of salary, gratification payment and variable remuneration, bonus
  • Company car
  • Holiday entitlement
  • Overtime and overtime payment
  • Company pension fund
  • Employment's reference
  • "Mobbing", "Bossing"
  • How to react to a Disciplinary warning letter (Abmahnung)
  • Advice of employees in case of termination of employment contracts (notice, dismissal, termination, Kündigung)
  • Reviewing of termination agreements (Aufhebungsvertrag, Auflösungsvertrag, Abwicklungsvertrag)
  • Litigation and proceedings in Court (Gerichtsverfahren, Kündigungschutz, Klagen)
  • Legal action for dismissal protection
  • Negotiation of dismissal wages and compensation (Abfindung)

Personal Information


Mr. Christian Weber is since his admission to the bar association in 2000 focused on Labour and Employment Law.

He is a fully qualified lawyer under German law with the additional admission as a Certified Specialised Lawyer for Labour and Employment Law* (Fachanwalt).
This requires a long-standing practical expertise as well as particular theoretical knowledge.

Furthermore, Mr. Weber is regularly participating in specialised seminaries for which the German Bar Association
has granted him Certificate for Continued Training Qualification.

Languages: German and English

Associations and Memberships: German Bar Association

Admission: Germany (2000)

Education: University of Berlin (FU), University of Heidelberg (1. State Exam), Uppsala Universitet (Sweden, LL.M.), Training at UNHCR (High Commissioner for Refugees in Ankara, Turkey), Higher Court of Heidelberg (2. State Exam), Associate (2000) and Partner (2002-2014) at Philipp, Sudmann & Schendel – Attorneys Mannheim.

*) Also known as: Certified Expert Attorney in the field of Labor Law, Specialised Lawyer for industrial law,
Certified lawyer for employment law, Attorney Specializing in Labor Law

Mr. Raphael Daum is a fully qualified lawyer for German law. He holds the title of Master of Laws in Labour Law.

Mr. Daum has been working exclusively in employment law since the beginning of his law practice. He specializes in advising employees all situations of redundancy and proceedings against wrongful dismissal (Kündigungsschutzverfahren).

Languages: German and Englisch

Associations and Membership: German Bar Association

Education: University of Heidelberg (1. State Exam), Berliner Corcoran & Rowe LLP, Washington D.C.; Higher Court of Bochum (2. State Exam); Associate at Friedrich Graf von Westphalen & Partner, Attorneys, Cologne.

Contact Information

If you are looking for advice in matters concerning your employment relationship (Arbeitsverhältnis)
as well as the termination of your employment status please call me first:

within Germany: 0621 / 167 700 70
from abroad: +49 621 / 167 700 70

Usually you will speak to Mr. Weber directly to clear the background of your request.

How to find us

Our law offices are located

in Frankfurt: Gutleutstraße 169-171, 60327 Frankfurt am Main, Hessen, Germany
in the "Gutleutviertel" near the main station. Map | Attorneys at Law Frankfurt
Call +49 69 / 583 010 710

in Mannheim: Sophienstraße 17, 68165 Mannheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
near the city center at the ‚Luisenpark' in the district ‚Oststadt'. Map | Attorneys at Law Mannheim
Call +49 621 / 167 700 70

in Karlsruhe: Karlstraße 126, 76137 Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
near the main station at the Kolping Platz. Map | Attorneys at Law Karlsruhe
Call +49 721 / 933 80 80

Specialized Lawyer for Employment Law

Specialized Lawyer for Employment Law

Specialized Lawyer for Employment Law

Anwalt Rechtsanwalt für Arbeitsrecht: so erreichen Sie unsere Kanzleien